Miguel Angel Ortega Gonzalez is an accomplished and experienced civil engineer originally from Venezuela. Since graduating from the University of Carabobo with a degree in Civil Engineering, he has worked in a variety of jobs in Venezuela, including Investment OG, Rio-Smart and BanValor. His specialties include concrete engineering and working with heavy machinery.

When he isn’t busy working, Miguel Angel Ortega Gonzalez enjoys soccer, tennis and searching for the perfect pizza.

When it comes to the perfect pizza, the debate is hot indeed. Although the pizza originated in Italy, Italians brought the recipe for the classic dish with them during the Italian diaspora of the late 19th and early 20th century. In almost every region where they settled, Italian immigrants brought the pizza with them, developing unique styles to this unique type of food. Historically, the American cities of New York, Chicago and New Haven have debated with each other over who has the best style of pizza, although many believe that the true winner is still Italy.


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